ABARTH MVP Catalogue

10 WITH NO CONCERNS, YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE PLEASURE OF TRAVELLING AND ENJOY YOUR DRIVING. Service Activated Roadside Assistance (available for vehicles up to 15 years old) allows you to drive worry-free, thanks to a complete set of services, starting from roadside assistance, and designed to face possible inconvenience and ensure your mobility, anytime. In addition to Home Start, the plan includes a vast range of services and benefits including: SERVICE ACTIVATED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE INCLUDING HOME START If your vehicle is immobilised more than 50 Km / 31 miles from your home, the expenses for your return or for the continuation of your journey (by train or plane) will be reimbursed. RETURN HOME OR ONWARD JOURNEY Transfer costs (taxis and other means of transport) incurred during your vehicle stop will be reimbursed. TRAVEL CONNECTION EXPENSES If the repair of your vehicle takes more than four hours, you can count on the comfort of a courtesy vehicle available for a maximum of four working days + non-working days. COURTESY CAR If your vehicle is damaged and consequently cannot move, no problem: a rescue vehicle will tow it to your Retailer or to the nearest Abarth Retailer. TOWING If your vehicle is not in a condition to continue the journey, don’t worry: you will receive help from an operator who will assist you. If your car can’t be driven, it will be towed to the nearest Abarth Retailer. MOBILE WORKSHOP If your vehicle is immobilised more than 50 Km / 31 miles from your home, there is a great solution: you will be hosted in a local four-star hotel, for up to five nights. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION If your vehicle is immobilised more than 50 Km / 31 miles from your home, don’t worry: you will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred to recover your repaired vehicle. REPAIRED VEHICLE RECOVERY If your vehicle is immobilised for more than five days, you can have your vehicle towed to your home or to your local retailer. UNREPAIRED VEHICLE RECOVERY You can receive the information about opening hours of Abarth Retailers. It’s useful, isn’t it? INFORMATION SERVICE